Hello Everyone! As a teaser for our community members and for the investors that are doubting the credibility of our Project, we’ll be sharing the images that we took of our unfinished prototype during the early announcement of Crescent Network project.

Our current prototype comprises of 10 such rigs and we’ll expand the same on a timely basis.

Type of GPUs currently in use:
RX 480
GTX 1070 TI

Currently, we cannot make the images and information of our full setup public, in order to ensure anonymity. The reason for anonymity is that we don’t have a proper legal team at the moment.  We will make it public after we hire and announce about our Legal team and thus the information about the Team behind Crescent Network Project will be announced as well on our Official website https://crescenttoken.com
Stay tuned here for more updates and follow Crescent Updates

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