Unfinished Prototype

Hello Everyone! As a teaser for our community members and for the investors that are doubting the credibility of our Project, we’ll be sharing the images that we took of our unfinished prototype during the early announcement of Crescent Network project.

Our current prototype comprises of 10 such rigs and we’ll expand the same on a timely basis.

Type of GPUs currently in use:
RX 480
GTX 1070 TI

Currently, we cannot make the images and information of our full setup public, in order to ensure anonymity. The reason for anonymity is that we don’t have a proper legal team at the moment.  We will make it public after we hire and announce about our Legal team and thus the information about the Team behind Crescent Network Project will be announced as well on our Official website
Stay tuned here for more updates and follow Crescent Updates

Crescent Affiliate Program

Welcome To The Crescent Token Affiliate Program!

Hello Community Members, we need your help telling the world about the Crescent Token. The Crescent Affiliate program is easy to join and requires no technical knowledge.

Q: So, How does the Affiliate Program work?

A: When you register for our Affiliate program, your referred user will have to fill the form given here with the appropriate details as required in the Affiliate form here When your referred user buys CSN tokens from development funds and submits the Affiliate form, You(Referrer) will be awarded a Commission of Pay-Per-Sale type 5% CSN of the purchase amount.

Welcome to Crescent Network Token



Hello, community members! A warm welcome to all of you here in the official  website of Crescent Network. Along with releasing the official ANN for Crescent token in a couple of days, we request you all to have a glance at the details mentioned below.

With this rebranding, Crescent(CSN) will be the world’s first multi-use POS token backed by a mining facility. A physical mining facility that will let u mine other cryptocurrencies using your own Crescent tokens.
Also, as It will be a POS token, that will allow u to have passive income, by simply staking of the Crescent holding in your wallet.

As for the future development, the devs are working on a AR(Augmented Reality) game which would be deployed on Ethereum blockchain, and will be fuelled by Crescent tokens.
Moving ahead in future, we plan on incorporating more such products into this project to attain the goal of building a multi-use token.

The mining facility will be set up in the coming days and we’ll start taking mining orders on the official Crescent website, after approximately 4 weeks from now as everything will be set up and tested properly before taking orders.

For all updates about Crescent, stay tuned to @CrescentUpdates