Crescent Community Guidelines​

For ensuring better progress of the Crescent project and fruitful discussions, our esteemed community plays a vital role.

Participation in The Crescent Community discussions is expected to be self-moderating and comprising of mutual respect for other fellow community members. So far, we have banned only a few accounts and that under extreme circumstances such as insulting/impersonating others and scam soliciting.  All the privileged accounts such as Moderators or Administrators are advised
to be strictly tolerant and to use their elevated privileges only if absolutely necessary.
We have a set of ground rules that we ask our community members to comply with.
The official telegram group for Crescent is designated for open discussion about the Crescent project, any topic relating to cryptocurrency, or ongoing current events. In the sheer interest of maintaining a welcoming environment for a wide variety of community members, certain topics and behaviours are not allowed from the main group.
These include, but are not limited to:
  • Spamming on the group.
  • Misguiding or Spreading fake information to fellow members.
  • Posting irrelevant bad links that direct to malware.
  • Overly abusive or antagonistic speech.
Of course, we at Crescent Network believe in freedom of speech so you can talk about whatever you want with appropriate justification. We also completely believe that open discussion and contributing to the community helps to grow the overall cryptocurrency ecosystem which benefits all of us a whole. Just do not forget that we are trying to foster an engaging environment which is generally respectful of other fellow members. A healthy community also allows for disagreement and debate as well.
If you encounter an issue, your first course of action should be to attempt to handle it yourself. We believe that open discussion and contributing to the community helps to grow the overall cryptocurrency ecosystem which benefits us all.

Feel free to have people follow our community channel for free at Crescent Updates

Thank you for your kind participation and support.